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Pornichet select


The first race of the season, a tricky route where strategy will be key, lots of tidal gates and islands rounding, so many chances to gain spots… or lose some.

Mini en Mai


One of the iconic races of the Mini 6.50 race circuit. My participation in this race last season is a mixed bag of terrible mistakes and good calls (video here) so let’s try to do better this time (came 9th in 2020).

Trophée MAP


Mixing offshore and coastal strategy, the Trophée MAP is a beautiful race that leaves you no time to rest. It’s also the last race before the Transat to score for the French Offshore racing championship, and since I finished 1st on that race last year… no pressure…

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Mini Transat


The result of 2 years of training and preparation and many more years of dreams and expectations. It will be long and tough, but every second of the race will be important, so brace for 3 to 4 weeks of intense sailing.